MPEC Corporate


MPEC manages interests in the following operating companies located across the Midwest .


Geneva Pacific

Geneva Pacific is a real estate investment company that specializes in the development and management of wholesale/retail properties.

Integrated Business Solutions

Integrated Business Solutions is built around partnerships with municipalities, universities and large fleets to provide complete on-site parts management from procurement and inventory management, through order fulfillment.

MPEC Distribution Operations

MPEC Distribution Operations specializes in the distribution of auto parts and other complementary products throughout our geographic footprint. We accomplish this through our 70,000-square-foot distribution operation located in Rockford, Illinois.


Our core business line, NAPA Auto Parts, features 62 store locations throughout Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin operating within both a wholesale and retail business model. NAPA Auto Parts stores are the largest part of MPEC holdings and we are proud of our long-standing affiliation with NAPA since 1938.